Collection Assistance

Out-of-court management of credits from the taking of the order to collection, both in Italy and abroad.


he Collection Assistance service allows you to delegate the management of credit collection to the administrative and legal department of Fashion Bank, which contacts the Supplier's customers with one aim: to satisfy credit and keep customers over time.

The deep knowledge of the sector allows our staff to always take the most suitable actions for a safe and effective credit management. Each step can be monitor on a dedicated online portal.

The approach with each customer is therefore modulated according to the needs and indications of the Supplier, the entire value of the credit will always be signed over the creditor and payments will be made directly into its bank account.


The approach with each customer is modulated according to needs and indications of the company.
Credit securities will always be made payable to the creditor and payments are made directly to its bank account.
Any proposals for rescheduling plan or deferred payments are always submitted to the approval of the company.

Systematicity and organization of collection management to short collection times and increase in company liquidity.
Application of Fashion Bank’s database information in order to calibrate the approach to the customer according to each specific case.
Follow-up contacts and email up to a successful resolution of the case, otherwise until the verified impossibility of recovering the credit out-of-court.
Utilizzo della Polizza Assicurativa e/o dell’Assistenza Legale esclusivamente nei casi di comprovata mancata possibilità di pagamento.
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