Monitoring your clients and prevent insolvency abroad

Analyzes, evaluates and monitors your customers around the world. It prevents insolvencies and provides specific financial and commercial information reports.

Do you know your clients from abroad?

FRM Export allows you to access a specialized database of 4 million shops across the world. It allows you to get to know your clients both financially and commercially in order to undertake safe collaborations in line with your brand mission.

Monitor the solvency of your international customers portfolio

Our database is always updated with the latest official data available, is capable to evaluate company performance and make forecasts on financial solvency between one chamber of commerce report and the next.

Distribution control and management

FRM Export is also a tool designed for the control and commercial management of customers portfolio. It allows you to analyze the trends and characteristics of distribution by country, consolidation, order amount, qualitative rate, risk, and much more.

Shops qualitative snapshot

FRM Export informs you about a shop’s commercial characteristic (brands visibility, specialization of marketed product, location in the country, square meters, window displays…) to always have a clear and complete image of your clients and to plan potential sell-in.

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FRM – Fashion Risk Monitoring is a unique online portal that allows Fashion players to access monitoring services specialized in the financial and commercial analysis of wholesale markets.

For years FRM services have been the most valid tool for prevention of insolvencies and for the correct management of trade receivables in the Fashion market.