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Credit Recovery. The quality of the service integrated with our Fashion Risk Monitoring system is a guarantee of high performance.


Fashion Bank is fully conscious of the problems inherent in the fashion distribution sector, has set up a complete credit protection system: from the prevention of insolvencies through the Fashion Risk Monitoring tool, up to the recovery of credit in case of insolvency.

Fashion companies can rely on, under certain conditions, a team of lawyers with twenty years of experience in debt collection in the fashion industry.

The credit recovery activity involves several phases, always agreed with the company's Credit Manager, and aimed at finding out the most appropriate solutions for the quick recovery of the debt. It will be possible to check the progress of each cases through a dedicated portal.


Identification of the best strategies for each case. The use of Fashion Bank reports allows our legal department to get to know the client’s situation in advance.
Transparency of scheduling, because each client has the possibility of accessing to the on-line Legal Management System to monitor the progress of its case.
Where possible, preference for out-of-court ways for quick credit recovery. The goal is recovering the sums while maintaining the relationship with the customer.
Cost transparency, always agreed in advance with the customer, concerning to quantify the legal costs annually and to prepare the relative expense budgets.
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