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FashionBank 21 January 2022 0 Comments

Fashion Bank’s fouder, Roberto Ragnini, at Pitti Uomo 2022

Fashion Bank was a guest of NIAM (National Italian Fashion Agents) and its president, Giorgio Magello on the occasion of Pitti Uomo 2022

It was an opportunity to discuss about boht industry’s vision and credit management challenges facing by companies.

Thus the founder Roberto Ragnini:

“I usually use three numbers to explain how we operate to those who don’t know us yet. We monitor more than 4 million stores in the world, 120 thousand points of sale in the italian market and at least 10,000 registered and tracked brands.”

” Our database was born with a vocation aimed at credit protection. We constantly monitor the trend of the fashion retail market, elaborating a punctual survey shop by shop of what is the overall situation of the store.”

“In the fashion industry, there are some parameters that have an important specific weight in the evaluation process of our ratings.”

This was followed by the presentation of the recent partnership with SACE and European Brokers aimed at creating a credit policy designed specifically for the fashion sector: Fashion Hub

“SACE has recognized, through our services, the possibility of building something ad hoc for the sector that did not exist until now. A policy that is, to use a pertinent term, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs in the fashion sector. “

“Companies will be able to consult autonomously accurate ratings on each client of their commercial portfolio. In addition, for subscribers, there will be the possibility to add the invoice financing service besides the banking risk center.”

“In this way we will really be able to provide innovative tools to companies that want to grow in the post-pandemic context.”